fluke: itunes and FLAC

I sometimes have flac files, I like it because as its names says it (Free Lossless Audio Codec), it’s lossless and it’s free. I just discovered a piece of software that bundles and automates the loading FLAC’s in itunes. It’s cool because, I used to use a FLACImporter, and Set OggS, but this script bundles both and does integreation.

Have Fun !



  1. Pascal said

    This is the best news that I read long ago.
    I seek something cool on flac and itunes since few months.
    And then today I found THE solution to put my FLAC on my ipod :). Thank you smaftoul.

    You’re the best.


  2. Paul said

    So Fluke works for me….and no disrespect…BUT I just found a MUCH better way of dealing with FLACs.

    Download the free application X Lossless Decoder (XLD) and you can just drag your FLAC’s onto XLD’s icon…and it will quickly convert the file to ALAC (Apple Lossless Codec) so you can play it on your iPod or iPhone as well as your computer!
    It also supports cover art!


  3. smaftoul said

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for this very good input. I had a look at XLD and it’s very interesting.
    I generally prefer to import original files I downloaded and I like flac because it’s free, I prefer to stick with flacs. For the files I want to copy to my iPod I’m making smart playlists that could be explained like that: “Kind contains ‘sequence’ AND playlist is ‘my playlist'” , I then select all files and can convert them with the iTunes converter.
    What is really interesting with XLD, is that it supports other file formats than FLAC, that I would happily convert to mp3, aac, or alac. Paul, thanks for this tip, I’ll maybe write a post about XLD !

  4. joe s said

    STOP! If you install rockbox on your ipod then you can run flac files directly.

    ipod the hardware running rockbox the “OS” is THE solution.


    I have been doing so for about 1 year. No stinkin’ company is going to tell me what in what format I have to listen to my music 🙂

    cheers, Joe

    • smaftoul said

      I have on iPod touch, rockbox doesn’t work on it !
      And, sure, I don’t like a company telling me what to use, but I like a company that makes good products, well integrated.

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