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installing applications remotely on mac

To use a dmg disk image you would use:
hdiutil mount thefile.dmg
You then have a /Volumes/The\ Application.
In that directory you would usually either have an or a Application.pkg directory.

  • If it’s an .app file, just copy the files to your /Applications/ directory:
    sudo cp /Volumes/The\ Application/ /Applications/
  • f it’s a .pkg file, run:
    sudo installer -package Application.pkg -target /Volumes/Mac\ OS

That’s it !


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subnet ping scan in shell

Today I logged in a machine I don’t want to install anything on it, but I wanted to find a machine in its network.
I came up with the little shell script that scans the subnet:


while [ $CURR -lt 255 ] ; do
  ping -c1 -t1 $SUBNET.$CURR 2>&1 >/dev/null
  if [ "$?" -eq "0" ]; then
    echo "$SUBNET.$CURR"
  let CURR=$CURR+1

This script is suboptimal but it does the stuff: It uses ping with a timeout of 1 sec, so If no machine is up, the script takes around 255 seconds to scan the subnet, it doesn’t list the machines that doesn’t reply to ping and so on … but as I said it , it does the stuff.

I tested this script in Linux and OSX.

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Crossover Chromium: google’s chrome browser for osx and linux

Codeweavers, the company which is famous for releasing Crossover (a kind of windows emulator for linux and osx, based on the famous wine project) have released crossover chromium which is a package that contains just enough of crossover and a build of chromium to be able to run it. There’s an OSX and a Linux build. Chromium is google’s project which is the base of the chrome browser. Crossover released the packages 11 days after google chrome got out, this is a proof of concept, wine and crossover have became mature, codeweavers are reactive, but becarefull, it’s not advised to use crossover chromium as day to day browser for now (anyway, I think I’ll try to do it !).

Get the OSX package here, and ubuntu 32 bit pacakge here, and Have Fun !

Update: on osx, my chromium keeps crashing, I think this might because of my firewall, on linux, the windowing is quite slow but for me it works.

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fluke: itunes and FLAC

I sometimes have flac files, I like it because as its names says it (Free Lossless Audio Codec), it’s lossless and it’s free. I just discovered a piece of software that bundles and automates the loading FLAC’s in itunes. It’s cool because, I used to use a FLACImporter, and Set OggS, but this script bundles both and does integreation.

Have Fun !

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