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Usefull mysql tools and links

Dealing with the mysql server from my company I learnt several stuff. I’m not a DBA nor developer, but I have done some administration, because we don’t have yet a DBA, and the load on the database was pretty high, so I’ve done some profiling on our application. Doing all that, I found several interesting blog, sites and tools:

  • Useful MySQL Stuff wich has monitoring and system performance analysis tools to now how to install mysql
  • Hack MySQL has 3 tools, mysqlreport, mysqlsla, mysqlidxchk, they are pretty interesting for profiling, and reverse engineering the schema of databases
  • Maatkit is a collection of really powerful mysql operation tools (faster backup / restore, replication test and control, privileges management …) Impressive tools for operations !
  • MySQLTuner is a tunning script which analyzes System and internal MySQL settings.
  • Optim MySQL is a site which discusses different internal MySQL parameters for tunning
  • The really famous MySQL Performance Blog which is of a really high technical level !
  • I hope you will enjoy theses links and if you know of other tools, drop me a comment, it interests me !


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