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Pwnage tool latest

I had hard times finding the latest pwnage tool mac version.
It’s here.
Anyway, if you don’t find the latest version, you can still download a version and check for updates while running the pwnage tool.
Enjoy it !

Also, I tried to download “prebuilt” images but it’s hard to know if it has jailbreak, if it has cydia installed and so on… Also, itunes refused to install some of those images. I found it easier to use the pwnagetool with the original firmware and create your own image, you are pretty sure of the result and you don’t wonder “were I really in DFU mode ?” …


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DFU mode confusion (error 6 or error 1)

To jailbreak an iPhone or an iPod touch, you need to get the device in what is called DFU mode but there is a lot of confusion because some sites badly explains how to get in DFU mode. Remember this golden rule: if the screen is not blank, YOU ARE NOT IN DFU MODE

To get the device in DFU mode follow the instruction here (This site has simple and clear instructions).

Update: This link also explains how to put the iPhone in DFU mode.

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